Automated control systems and technical processes department

Leading electronic engineer – Pavel Polovnyov (327 83 18)


The department has been an independent structural unit since 2006. The main tasks of the department are:

– ensuring the non-stop operation of automated control systems, as well as the utility equipment managed by it;

– ensuring the operating condition of the technical means complex of automated control systems, data-computing network facilities, upper level software, servers and workstations;

– ensuring the non-stop operation of the information and technical base of the museum and in its remote branches, as well as servers and peripherals.

In the spring of 2017, the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus applied for participation in the Japanese Government’s program ‘Grass Roots’ and in 2018 the ‘Project on Improving the Museum Environment and Exposure Equipment for People with Disabilities in the National Art Museum’ was approved.

In the process of work

The project tasks are:

– equipping the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus with high-tech equipment for 3D modeling and 3D scanning to make small plastic copies of massive sculptures and relief images of paintings for working with the partially sighted;

– using a tracked stairlift to assist disabled people in the presence of an accompanying person to lift and go down on the museum’s stairways, not equipped with devices to overcome obstacles;

– programs adaptation for people with hearing disabilities using multimedia audio guides with a screen.

The delivery ceremony for the museum specialized equipment under the Government of Japan ‘Grass Roots’ program that is a low-profile grant assistance to cultural and sports projects, was held on September 21, 2018. Also, the museum was provided with a tracked stairlift, a set with 20 audio guides with text display screens, a subtitle or video in finger language, as well as a 3D printer and a 3D scanner to make copies of exhibits.

In the process of work

The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus is a customer for the construction of the object ‘Restoration and adaptation of the whole complex of buildings of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus’. The department employees are actively involved in the object design and construction.

One of the technical goals of the whole museum complex is development of a comprehensive hardware and software solution that automates various business processes: climate control, security systems, communication systems, multimedia systems, interconnection of museum services and units, and interactive communication with visitors.

In the process of work

The tasks of the whole museum complex include:

– integration of various hardware and software subsystems and museum modules;

– making of an engineering infrastructure for a platform for virtualization, storage, backup and data restoration, navigation, monitoring and management of engineering systems;

– adoption of specialized software for museum exhibits and collections information processing and storage, library services, providing managers with business analysis and analytics, ticket system, as well as developing mobile application;

– adoption of modern security systems to prevent theft of valuables and identify emergencies;

– making of an audio visual complex for interaction with visitors.

frequently asking questions

Where can I park an automobile?

The closest parking spot is along the Karl Marx Str. (paid parking)

Can I enter in the outdoor clothes?

No, it is not according to the museum rules. Please, leave it in the cloacroom. 

What should I leave in the cloakroom?

All oversized bags, backpacks and packages larger than 30x40x20 cm, as well as umbrellas, must be checked in to the cloakroom or left in the storage room. Bottles of water cannot be brought into the exposition, you can drink water in the lobby or museum cafe on the 1st floor.

Сan i enter the exposition with a baby stroller?

Yes, we welcome visitors in the 0+ age category.