Exhibition "Black and White Cinema, and Colour Cartoons"

Exhibition "Black and White Cinema, and Colour Cartoons"
Children are made readers on the laps of their parents. Emilie Buchwald (born in 1935), a literary editor and a publisher

The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus reopens its store-rooms and presents to the public the exhibition “Black and White Cinema, and Colour Cartoons” (illustrations for books for adults and children). It is a continuation of the 2020 exhibition project “One, two, three, four, five, I’m going to look for you!” (illustrations for books for children and teenagers). This year’s project was based on illustrations for books for different ages – from young to old, and they are created by masters of the Belarusian book art of the 20th–21st centuries. The exhibition includes from black-and-white images of the first quarter of the last century, like frames from the first films, to bright colour pictures of the beginning of the current century, which have become an integral part of the art of cartoon animation.

This time we have decided to demonstrate not only the works of book graphics from the “Belarusian Original Graphics” Collection, but to show also the rich funds of book graphics from the “Belarusian Printed Graphics” Collection. Thus, we represent a whole galaxy of domestic artists devoted themselves to the art of book. The exposition includes 141 works by 29 authors – recognized and widely known in the world of Belarusian book illustration artists such as Bienjamin Basaw, Mikhail Bielski, Tatsiana Bierazienskaja, Anatol Volkaw, Siarhiej Volkaw, Hienadz Hrak, Mikalaj Hurlo, Mikalaj Hutsijew, Isak Davidovich, Barys Zaboraw, Juryj Zajtsaw, Arlien Kashkurevich, Jawhien Kulik, Aliena Los, Barys Malkin, Hieorhij Paplawski, Nina Paslawskaja, Aliaksandra Pasliadovich, Uladzimir Pashchastsiew, Mikalaj Sieliashchuk, Hieorhij Skrypnichenka, Valieryj Slavuk, Paviel Tatarnikaw, Valiantsin Tsikhanovich, Anatol Tychyna, Mikhail Filipovich, Vaclava Fleury, Vasil Sharanhovich, and Hary Jakubieni.

The exhibition project is complemented by 35 books from the collections of the National Library of Belarus and the library of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus with illustrations presented at the exhibition.

The exhibition “Black and White Cinema, and Colour Cartoons” is on display from July 7 to August 7, 2022.

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The closest parking spot is along the Karl Marx Str. (paid parking)

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No, it is not according to the museum rules. Please, leave it in the cloacroom. 

What should I leave in the cloakroom?

All oversized bags, backpacks and packages larger than 30x40x20 cm, as well as umbrellas, must be checked in to the cloakroom or left in the storage room. Bottles of water cannot be brought into the exposition, you can drink water in the lobby or museum cafe on the 1st floor.

Сan i enter the exposition with a baby stroller?

Yes, we welcome visitors in the 0+ age category.