The exhibition 'Soul music – heritage. On the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian union of composers'

The exhibition 'Soul music – heritage. On the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian union of composers'
From February 9, 2023, the photo exhibition ‘Soul Music – Heritage’, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian Union of Composers, runs in the art cafe of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus.

Like an artist’s painting, a good melody is woven from subtle matters which cannot be seen or touched, but it has such a color palette that sometimes we stop and forget everything to listen to music. The melody is a basis for a song. It helps to reveal the story, or it provides the viewer with the opportunity to feel the feelings of a movie character and the author. Music accompanies us throughout our lives.

The cult of names was widespread in Soviet times: our parents and grandparents, having heard a couple of chords, could immediately say not only the performer of the song, but also the author of the music.

Everyone knows seven notes, but not everyone writes music. Eduard Khanok once said: ‘Legends are people who once did something; they were carried by a creative wave of talent, perseverance and hard work, as well as love – the highest thing that exists in a man’s life. They followed their cherished dream’. A tribute to our classics whose music is an integral part of the cultural heritage of our country.

‘I erected to myself a monument not built by human hands!’ – thanks to pedagogical and social activities, we can safely say that new talents and new names are already being heard! Everyone will have their own way, and over time they will become Legends, but you should never forget those whose work was essential in the formation and development of our culture. Composers Igor Luchenok, Eduard Khanok, Anatoly Bogatyryov, Evgeny Glebov, Sergei Kortes, Oleg Yanchenko, Genrikh Vagner, Dmitry Smolsky, singer Viktor Vuyachich and others.

Thanks to the professional activity of photographer Anatoly Koleda, we have the opportunity to see shots from the life of honored composers and performers. The photographs were taken from the 1960s to the 1980s.

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