The exhibition "River of Time"

The exhibition "River of Time"
This is the seventeenth exhibition of the anniversary cycle. Such expositions have been organised at the museum since 2008 (in some years there were several separate exhibitions of this kind annually, yet also sometimes there was not a single one in a year).

At the exhibition you can see more than 80 works by about 50 authors, born from 75 to 150 years ago. Artists, for obvious reasons, are represented only by a small number of works, which does not allow for a holistic display of bodies of work of each of them, yet it’s still an opportunity to showcase the individuality of the masters, especially in comparison with others. Some authors are consonant with each other, despite the decades separating them, some, although they lived at the same time period, are dissonant, which makes for a kaleidoscopic display of various worldviews and interpretations of reality.

Works of art, which have been created over a period of a hundred years, allow one to feel the “atmosphere” of different eras, to get acquainted with the evolution of the tastes of both the artists and the society, to hear the voices of various generations, and to embark on a sort of a journey through time.

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frequently asking questions

Where can I park an automobile?

The closest parking spot is along the Karl Marx Str. (paid parking)

Can I enter in the outdoor clothes?

No, it is not according to the museum rules. Please, leave it in the cloacroom. 

What should I leave in the cloakroom?

All oversized bags, backpacks and packages larger than 30x40x20 cm, as well as umbrellas, must be checked in to the cloakroom or left in the storage room. Bottles of water cannot be brought into the exposition, you can drink water in the lobby or museum cafe on the 1st floor.

Сan i enter the exposition with a baby stroller?

Yes, we welcome visitors in the 0+ age category.