Exhibition of paintings by Vladimir Prokoptsov “Under the sign of infinity”

Exhibition of paintings by Vladimir Prokoptsov “Under the sign of infinity”
From August 9, the exhibition complex of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus (Karl Marx St., 24) will see the grand opening of the exhibition of Vladimir Prokoptsov “Under the Sign of Infinity”.

The exhibition is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the birth of the artist, Honoured Art Worker of Belarus, Candidate of Art History, Honorary Professor of Pyotr Masherov Vitebsk State University, Honorary Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts, as well as the 25th anniversary of his tenure as Director General of the National Art Museum.

The exhibition showcases the diversity of the author’s creative interests as an artist, art critic and organiser of the Belarusian museum sphere. The exposition presents more than 35 works from the collection of the National Art Museum, the Museum of the City of Minsk, the corporate collection of Priorbank and the personal collection of the author. The artist’s work is characterised by its distinctly recognisable style, deep philosophical content, affirmation of eternal spiritual values, appeal to one’s roots, as well as love for one’s native land, one’s parents. The paintings are a fusion of the subjective-lyrical and the rational-pragmatic principles, which makes it possible to reveal and showcase on the canvas the rush of one’s feelings and thoughts through the harmonious completeness, the compositional, plastic and colour arrangement of the work. Among the works presented at the exhibition, created in a period starting from the eighties of the twentieth century, there are paintings of various genres – landscapes, still lifes, portraits, epic canvases, as well as paintings created during art actions in Vitebsk.

Three new works will be unveiled at the exhibition: “Nostalgia”, “Earthly and Heavenly Harmony. In Memory of Vera”, and “The Way Home”. The exposition also includes books by Vladimir Prokoptsov dedicated to the work of the masters of Belarusian painting – Stanislav Zhukovsky, Vitold Byalynitsky-Birulya, Ferdynand Ruszczyc and others, included in the series of publications “Famous Artists from Belarus”, which he initiated.

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Where can I park an automobile?

The closest parking spot is along the Karl Marx Str. (paid parking)

Can I enter in the outdoor clothes?

No, it is not according to the museum rules. Please, leave it in the cloacroom. 

What should I leave in the cloakroom?

All oversized bags, backpacks and packages larger than 30x40x20 cm, as well as umbrellas, must be checked in to the cloakroom or left in the storage room. Bottles of water cannot be brought into the exposition, you can drink water in the lobby or museum cafe on the 1st floor.

Сan i enter the exposition with a baby stroller?

Yes, we welcome visitors in the 0+ age category.