Scientific and Archival Department

Constant exhibition presents the most valuable, significant works, but this is only small part of the museum collection. The rest of the exhibits can be found in the depositaries, where they are kept by the type of art: painting, sculpture, graphic, decorative-applied arts. Depositaries exist since the day of the museum foundation. When the museum collection was not very large, only one employee - the main keeper was concerned with a stock work. The name of the first keeper of the fund of the pre-war collection of the State Art Gallery of the BSSR, regrettably, was not saved. In 1944 the keeper of the restored after war art gallery was Olga Borovik, from 1945 till 1959 the main keeper of the funds was Pyotr Gerasimovich, he was changed by Alexander Sokolov. Because of the collection's expansion it appeared the need in creating of the division science and stock work, which was formed in the 1970s. This department was consecutively managed by Konstantin Fedorishkin and Nikolay Pogranovsky. Since 2004 the main keeper of the museum became Alla Chaykovskaya, who works in the museum since 1980. Since 2013 the main keeper of the museum became Tatiana Martul. Since 2015 the main keeper of the museum became Zmicier Monich.

The funds of the museum accounts 30 000 units of keeping and are divided on collections of the ancient Belarusian art, Belarusian, Russian and foreign painting, sculptures, graphics, decorative-applied arts.

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