The Exhibition Department

The Exhibition Department was organized in 2008 (the head of the department was Marina Malgina). Since 2018 the head of the department  - Evgenija Solovjova.

The Marketing sector (Diana Shantor, the head of the sector) and the Exhibition Service sector (Nikolai Mishchenko, the head of the sector) were founded in the department in 2013. Since 2013 to the end of 2014 the head of the marketing sector was Diana Shantor. Since the end of 2014 the head of the marketing sector is Andrei Stepanets.

The main function of the department is to ensure the museum exhibition activities in accordance with the annual plan of the museum.

1. The exhibition department conducts the organizing:

– international temporal and commercial exhibitions (installation, dismantlement, exhibits preparation for transporting, packaging);

– unloading, loading, packing and unpacking of exhibitions.

– preparation and legalization of documentation of incoming and return of exhibits;

– specific campaigns, presentations, conferences, seminars, readings and other events of the museum;

2. Executions of the contracts on exhibitions with authors and organizations;

– within its competence conduct other activities related to the exhibition activities of the museum.

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