Pure Art

Pure Art

The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus Main building

March 24, 2023 will see opening of the exhibition “Pure Art” at the National Art Museum. This is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the work of artists living in the psychoneurological dispensary No. 2 in Minsk. These people are creators from the heart and for the soul. Their works seem naive, sometimes a bit strange, yet at the same time fascinating and alluring.

Some of them lived a normal life, had a job, a family and children, but as a result of trauma, genetic disorder, infection, they found themselves in the confined environment of their illness. Some couldn't even finish a special school, while others can't read or write... But look at these cheerful colours and pure forms!

The exhibition was supplemented and diversified by the creative works of children with hearing impairments studying at the inclusive art school «Выше крыши»/”Above the Roof”. These little artists see the world in a special way and have a high visual intelligence.

I would like to note the general preference of both these kinds of artists for bright colours, contrasting textures and shapes, often invented or transferred from everyday life to the special world of art.

We often forget that very talented and strong people live beside us, people, who, despite their serious, incurable illness, strive to create in order to have a meaning in life, to be needed and to be of interest to other people. This exhibition is proof that people with mental and physical disabilities are very talented and sociable, that they are ready to share their perception of the world with all of us.


The curator of the project is Marina Trofimova, Leading Researcher of the Department of Scientific and Educational Work


The exhibition will run until May 29, 2023