Daria Karpova. Vitamin P(ainting)

Daria Karpova. Vitamin P(ainting)

The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus Main building

Who said that November is a grey time? Daria Karpova's exhibition "Vitamin P(ainting)", which has opened today at the Art Museum, can help to dispel stereotypes.

Daria Karpova is a young, talented artist, photographer and designer. Since the late 2000s, she has been working in the movement of food art (food photography); this hobby soon became a leading in her painting also. In their content, her still lifes are far from classical style: as a rule, there is only one type of vegetables, fruits, berries in the picture, or even one object. This exhibition is a search for new forms and combinations of colors and textures, uncommon views on familiar things. 

Today, Daria Karpova's paintings are in private collections and museums both in Belarus and abroad. The exhibition presents 19 paintings created in recent years.