The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus Main building

Before the II European Games in Minsk, the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus resurrects the tradition of ‘sports’ exhibitions. It presents the great ‘Games’ exhibition project.

The exposition will be located on the first floor of the museum’s main building. It will combine the collections of the National Art Museum, XO Gallery and private collections. The display will includethe art of venerable Belarusian masters such as F. Baranovsky, L. Dudarenko, I. Vlasov, B. Kazakov, A. Volkov as well as contemporary artists T. Radivilko, V. Alshevsky, T. Kondratenko, K. Khlopov.

Sport is an eternal theme in art. In the years since the ancient world, honest sports and the cult of a physically perfect body were objects of interest for painters. The sports subject, revived in the early 20th century, is also currently central in contemporary art.The exhibition offers the audience to watch different sports emotions: the difficulty and dramatic nature of duel meets and moments of clear win, jubilant crowd of the stadium and exciting matches and exercises, playing children andteenagers with enthusiasm and team work of mass games. These emotions are shown in symboliccompositions.

The exhibition project ‘Games’ is a kind of greeting to the II European Games. It testifies to the enduring spirit of the great game, from the first children’s games to the emotional stress of professional duel meets. We have the aspiration to be a winner since birth.