The Literary Landscape

The Literary Landscape

The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus Main building

The ‘Literary Landscape’ Exhibition opens at the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belaruson June 18, 2021. The graphics from the funds of the State Museum-Reserve of Aleksandr Pushkin ‘Mikhaylovskoye’.

The purpose of the exhibition project is to provide the Belarusian audience with the unique objects on the iconography of Pushkin places in the works of the original and printed graphics from the museum collection. According to the idea of the project, the center of the exposition is Pushkin’s word andquotation turned to the Russian nature and the life that once surrounded the poet.

The ‘village chapters’ of the novel ‘Eugene Onegin’, the poems ‘Forgive me, faithful oak groves!’, ‘Village’, ‘To the House Spirit’, ‘...Again I visited...’ were written by Pushkin in Mikhaylovskoye. Thematically selected graphic works by different authors serve as illustrative material for the poet’s works, and they depict the modern reality of the surrounding landscape. There is ‘a wooded hill’, ‘three pines’, ‘the river running under the mountain’, ‘a sandy slope’, ‘the road cratered by rains’, ‘a lonely oak’ and ‘azure plains oftwo lakes’...

The exposition displays 31 graphic works and two sculptural compositions by Anatoly Posyado and Boris Sergeev. They represent the artistic appearance of Pushkin’s estateas a whole. Among the authors of graphic sheets are Leonid Khizhinsky, Adrian Kaplun, Tatyana Pravosudovich, VasilyZvontsov, Vadim Smirnov, Sergei Frolov, Marianna Shreter, Shi-LunTszjan and Sergei Repin.

It should be noted that the exhibition project is a continuation of the successful cooperation between the museums of the two countries. Before, the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus hosted the exhibition of works by VasilyZvontsov ‘Enchanted by the Miracle’ from the collection of the State Museum-Reserve of Aleksandr Pushkin ‘Mikhaylovskoye’. Further strengthen the ties between the museums will be supported by a cooperation agreement which will be signed on the opening day of the exhibition.