Vladimir Sadin. The Art of Travel

Vladimir Sadin. The Art of Travel

The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus Main building

Vladimir Sadin. The Art of Travel’ Exhibition will be opened at the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus on May 21, 2022. It includes more than 50 graphic works, souvenirs, books and personal property of the artist-traveler. Vladimir Sadin made these graphic sheets during his trips to Europe, America and Asia in the 1970s and early 1990s. They are unknown to a wide audience.

Artists at all times sought to travel around different countries in search of inspiration, useful knowledge and new acquaintances. Traveling and creating new works, they depicted important things and events at that moment. Their pieces aroused the viewer’s interest and deep admiration. Looking at the travelers’ art, each of us augments reality with new and new meanings.

Vladimir Sadin (1924–2010) is one of those artists who always tended to self-culture, learning and development. He resonated with Albert Camus’s phrase ‘Travel as the greatest and most serious science helps us to rediscover ourselves’. As a member of the Union of Artists of the BSSR, Vladimir Sadin was lucky to visit a number of countries as part of delegations and special tourist groups. The result of these trips were wonderful graphic series about distant countries such as Germany, Japan, India, Bulgaria, Vietnam, USA, Denmark, Holland, France, Italy and Egypt.

The exhibited graphic sheets different in style and method have a common feature. They contain not only the captured impressions of what travelers see, but also the emotional aspect of an episode, the desire to share a personal attitude through his works. Vladimir Sadin depicted urban landscapes, beautiful architecture, the color of local nature and national culture. He also drew sketches of expositions from the largest foreign museums. His fellow countrymen were surprised with the current trends in art at that time. The characters of his works were ordinary people, whose images made it possible to feel cultural peculiarities in different countries. As a rule, after returning to his native Slutsk, Vladimir Sadin organized exhibitions which present foreign land to Soviet citizens.

We invite you to have your own travel route through the exhibition!

Vladimir Sadin
Vladimir Sadin

Is an outstanding artist, a talented teacher, an honored worker of the BSSR, a member of the Belarusian Union of Artists 

Vladimir Sadin (March 19, 1924, Chirkovo Village, Lunino District and Penza Region – February 23, 2010, Slutsk) is an outstanding artist, a talented teacher, an honored worker of the BSSR, a member of the Belarusian Union of Artists and an honorary citizen of Slutsk Region. Even in his school years, the boy took part in competitions held by the newspapers ‘Kolkhoznye rebyata’ and ‘Pionerskaya Pravda’. He sent drawings to the All-Union House of Aesthetic Education of Children. There was the front after that. But even being at the war, he continued to paint landscapes, portraits and caricatures. The artist liberated Belarus and Ukraine, and he stormed Königsberg and Pillau. He arrived in Slutskafter demobilization in 1945. This town became the artist’s second home.

Vladimir Sadin graduated from the Moscow People’s University of Arts in 1953. Under the influence of Vladimir Favorsky, he thoroughly studied the technique of linocut. His engravings had been exhibited at all republican and all-Union exhibitions since 1960.

The artist founded and led the fine arts studio at the Slutsk House of Pioneers. The studio was awarded the title of People’s Studio in 1981. Vladimir Sadin tried to maximize the creative potential of children. The artist took his students on trips. He brought rare art catalogues and creative materials from foreign trips, and he presented new trends in the art world. As a result, Vladimir Sadin brought up a galaxy of bright artists who made a significant contribution to the development of Belarusian art: brothers Vladimir and Mikhail Basalyga, Georgy Skripnichenko, Vladimir Golub, Vladimir Akulov, Vladimir Suzdaltsev, Igor Titkovsky, Aleksandr Rubets and others.

Vladimir Sadin actively worked and traveled throughout his life. He created more than a thousand works, and he took part in various republican and foreign exhibitions. Many of his works are in private collections and museums in Belarus, USA, Vietnam, Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan, Germany, England, Ireland and other countries.

The art gallery in Slutsk is named in his honour. It is a branch of the Slutsk Museum of Local Lore.

The exhibition will run until June 26, 2022