Viktor Gromyko. Embrace the Immensity

Viktor Gromyko. Embrace the Immensity

The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus Main building

The ‘Viktor Gromyko. Embrace the Immensity’ Exhibition opens on December 22. It is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the artist.

Viktor Gromyko is a man of his difficult time, which formed the worldview of a whole generation. The experience of the war years determined a special understanding of the value of man, land, time and memory. These simple words as categories became the basis of the life and creative path of the artist. He is a talented portrait painter, a master of subject-thematic paintings and landscapes.

The name of the artist has become synonymous with monumentality, spatiality and breadth, which can be achieved in landscape art. He strove to ‘embrace the immensity – the whole huge world’, therefore, he embodied a planetary sense of its scale in his works.

The exhibition runs until January 22, 2023